Master Gardeners Plant Clinics offered every Wednesday from 10am-2pm.

Who are we? Master Gardeners (volunteers) trained by the University of Florida to support Pinellas County residents with University approved, Florida specific gardening solutions.
What can we do for you?
•What is this plant and how do I care for it?
•What’s wrong with my plant and how do I fix it?
•What is the best way to …
•Start a vegetable garden
•Care for my orchid
•Plant my new tree / shrub/ perennial…..
•Water my lawn
•I have a shady/ wet/ sunny/ dry/… spot in my yard –what should I plant there?
•I am re-doing my landscape, HELP!
•And more….
When can you visit us? Wednesdays, 10am to 2pm; no appointment needed! Just walk-in.
January through Mid-November



MG Plant CLinic PR

Author: Christina Durney

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