Director’s Report

June 2018

“The Marlene E. Yoffredo Activity Center”

Over the past 20 years or so, Palm Harbor Library has kept pace and at times led in changes and improvements in library services. Cases in point include our version of a “Redbox” machine located outside the front lobby where with a library card you can select a DVD and/or best seller for free, a children’s art Maker Space, a loaning musical instrument collection, a portable kitchen unit to provide monthly gastronomical delights and of course my personal favorite, a vinyl collection. But as you well know, you can’t sit on your laurels. If you do, you go stale and that’s not good for anyone.


We have a new service that is set to be unveiled on May 31st (by this reading the ribbon has been cut and the doors have been opened) called the “The Marlene E. Yoffredo Activity Center.” So what’s new about it? Inside you will discover:

-A new Friends of the Library Book Store all done in mint green and teal
-A new coffee shop entitled “Bernie’s Bistro” (more on that later)
-A 44” TV for program alerts, “Karaoke Nights” and other similar programs
-A portable stage for after-hours programs such as poetry slams, comedy nights, musical events, etc.
-Track lighting
-A new seating area with high/low chairs and tables
-Whimsical lighting
-All glass fronted
-All vinyl-tile flooring in simulated wood grain
-All presented in colors of cranberry red, floral bouquet green and orange sherbet (Yes! These colors with the mint and teal do go well together. You have to see it to believe it!)
-And finally, with the exception of the shelving, everything is moveable so we can change-up the room as need be.

None of this would have been possible without the extraordinary and very generous support of Mr. Bernie Yoffredo. His wife Marlene volunteered at the library years ago and it is in her memory this new Activity Center was born. Mr. Yoffredo’s thoughtfulness in honoring his wife through improving library services is truly a testament to his magnanimity. Although Mr. Yoffrefdo is the primary benefactor, the library also received significant support from the library’s Endowment Foundation as well as from the following donors:

Jane and Roger Kenyon
Jane Martin
Evelyn and Mike Slama
John and Sharon Ferris
Pat Walsh
Barbara Howell
Fast Signs

And yes, “Bernie’s Bistro” is that Bernie.

“The Marlene E. Yoffredo Activity Center” is located immediately to your right as soon as you enter the Adult Services area. It is where the old book store, sewing room and a library office were situated. Those services are still available but they and the new services have continued the pace for change. Hopefully these will create new laurels and if so, expect further improvements to come.

So please, visit, enter, have a cup of joe and enjoy a new library experience.

Happy Reading!

Gene P. Coppola, Library Director

Author: PHLIBAdministrator

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