John Brock Art Alcove

December 2019  – January 2020

In the John Brock Art Alcove, our featured artists for December 2019 and January 2020 are all featured in our annual artPHL Evening fundraiser.  Come check out their various styles and media to get a sense of what you will see at the event. 

Tickets for an artPHL Evening are available for purchase at or in-person during normal library hours.  Questions about the event?  Contact

Featured artists and their work:

Ghosting Along




      “Ghosting Along” by Holly Bird – Wood block print










       “Right This Way” by Cindy Kosek – Acrylic








      “English Robin” by Dixie Searfoss – Watercolor




If you would like to apply to have your art featured in the John Brock Art Alcove, please email