John Brock Art Alcove

July- August 2018
Julianna DiBlasi Black

July and August’s featured artist is Julianne DiBlasi Black, an artist from Dunedin who uses reclaimed wood as her canvases.  Her style of painting with mixed materials on the wood developed out of a need for inexpensive materials and a love of texture. Each split, hole, or rough spot creates its own dialog between subject and substance. “Imperfections” create perfectly unique compositions and can never be recreated.
Colors are free, vibrant, and bright. The current exhibition of ocean creatures on display at Palm Harbor Library was especially fun for Black because she loves to get wild with her color range. In a previous exhibit she did while out in the Mojave Desert, her theme was petroglyphs, and her color palette consisted of earth tones, bronzes, and fiery reds. Each theme takes on its own overall color scheme, which makes them great sets of works to hang together.
Her wood is all found object collected. Boards from the side of the road after the tear-down of an old fence, pieces of shipping palates, seats of broken chairs… The paint is mainly a mixed bag of acrylics, washes of stain, 3D fabric paint, markers, ball point pen, crayon, glitter, etc. She finds combining found objects, found wood and unusual colors to be incredibly satisfying as I watch it take on its own life.
She is a fine artist, illustrator, and graphic designer who is new to Dunedin. Most of her illustration and design work can be viewed on her website: She is currently looking for local gallery representation for her reclaimed wood art, and she also does custom and commissioned work. Please contact her at for sales and questions.
Image 1: Stout, 11″ x 15″, Mixed Media & Reclaimed Wood
Image 2: Octopus, 30″ x 22″, Mixed Media & Reclaimed Wood
Image 3: Bone Fish, 16″ x 26″, Mixed Media & Reclaimed Wood

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