John Brock Art Alcove

October – November 2019   

Our featured artist in the John Brock Art Alcove for October and November is Nitin Mungale, a photographer from Palm Harbor.  Mungale was born in Pune (India) and graduated with dual majors: Fine Arts and Business in 1985.  After graduating, he worked in the Advertising & Print Production field and moved to North America in 1997.  He is a “Professional Print Production Expert” certified by Print Communications Professionals International, USA and, “Certified Advanced Print Production Manager” by the Institute of Canadian Advertising, Canada.

In 2009, Mungale suffered a near-fatal health issue and was fighting for his life for nine days in an Intensive Care Unit. This health attack changed him completely:  He started looking at everything around him very differently.  Although the recovery took a very long time, it helped him to grow as a photographer.  Today, Nitin has a considerable “body of work” which he wants to display at respected and recognized locations.

Mungale’s photographs of outdoor scenes are captured as traditional photographs and then turned into painterly pictures.  While creating one art piece at a time, he makes a deliberate attempt to show a deep but direct connection between artificial and natural elements influencing human behavior.  In today’s digital world, he feels that the capture and post-processing of an image to clinical precision is just a “1’s and 0’s game.”  Digital recordings can frequently miss capturing the atmosphere and feel of a scene.  Mungale, however, loves this 1’s and 0’s numbers game and takes it even further to break the shackles of digital precision.

If you are interested in his work, please contact him at or (813) 774-9228.

 Mungale Art 2


“High Altitude Breezes”





Mungale Art


“Merry Go Round”











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