John Brock Art Alcove

May – June 2021 

Mary Pascoe is an artist from Palm Harbor who uses quilt fabric to make beautiful creations. 

Pascoe was born and raised in Monongahela, PA, but has moved around the country due to her husband’s career. Florida has been home for 25 years. She has a degree in Biology and has worked as a Respiratory Therapist and as a Computer Programmer. She learned to sew from her mother and has been fascinated by quilts for a long time. Over the years, she has made several full-sized and many baby quilts but always knew that she wanted a way to combine quilting with art. In 2018 she started experimenting with her own method of creating fiber art quilts.

She loves bright, colorful fabrics, quilting, and animals. A few years ago, she discovered a method of combining these three passions. Her favorite subjects are animals, especially close-ups of animal faces; she tries to capture the spirit of the animal in a realistic, but multicolored way. Using a black and white photo as inspiration, she cuts all-cotton fabric into pieces that she glues to a background material. Once the animal is completed, she sandwiches batting and backing to create a quilt. She uses a zig-zag stitch to quilt around each piece with polyester invisible thread and uses traditional quilting to quilt the background. The frame protects her works from dust and wear. Each quilt takes about a month to complete.

Lewie, Cotton fabric and polyester thread       








Lobo, Cotton fabric and polyester thread     

 pascoe_m monkey








Asia, Cotton fabric and polyester thread









If you are interested in purchasing or contacting the artist, email her at or call 727-481-3953.  To see more of her designs, visit her Etsy shop at

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