John Brock Art Alcove

July-August 2021 

The Art Alcove features a joint show of two different artists for the months of July and August.

Pamela Armentano is a watercolor artist living in Dunedin. She has enjoyed art since kindergarten. Throughout the years, she’s both taken classes and taught herself. In September of 2012, she drove into beautiful Florida and left Connecticut behind. Since then, she’s painted and painted.  Her work explores colors and their relationships to each other, as well as the beautiful way watercolor flows and mingles. She says, “While there are challenges, there are also happy accidents. I paint because I love to. It brings me joy. I like happy paintings.”   She hopes you enjoy her paintings as much as she’s enjoyed creating them.  To reach out to Pamela, please contact her at 203-305-2006.


“Sea Turtling”



“Bird Watching”














BJ Massey is a Clearwater artist who works in acrylics, watercolors, and mixed media. She received her degree in Art Education at the University of South Florida and taught art in Pinellas County Schools. She studied drawing, painting, and photography at Savannah College of Art and Design, the University of South Florida, and the Dunedin Fine Arts Center. BJ is presently a member of the Creative Artist Guild, the Dunedin Fine Art Center, and the Professional Association of Visual Artists (PAVA). Her paintings have been shown at the Dunedin Fine Art Gallery, Octagon Gallery, and Stirling Gallery, and many of her paintings are presently being sold at The Thistle Boutique and Gallery in downtown Dunedin. She uses many different arts media in her work; she often mixes acrylics and watercolor and then draws into the work with ink, graphite, or pastel chalk. She enjoys the process and the challenge of experimentation and considers her work Expressionism or Contemporary Realism.  For more information about her art and to reach out to her, please visit


 Before the Race – 16x20x2 – Acrylic on Panel Waxed

 Moxie 2 – 24x30x1.5 – Mixed Media on Canvas

Morning Walk – 30x30x1.5- Mixed Media on Canvas 



If you would like to apply to have your art featured in the John Brock Art Alcove, please email