John Brock Art Alcove

January – February 2021 

The Palm Harbor Library is proud to display local artists’ work. January and February’s featured artist in the John Brock Art Alcove is Catherine Koutsoumbaris one of our own staff members.  Cathy, Administrative Services Director, has been enriching our workplace since 2012. Cathy brings a touch of creative whimsy with her wonderful miniature art.

Cathy began her miniature journey at the age of 18 when she built her first dollhouse. Throughout the years she attended several workshops that taught the art of miniatures and she has created hundreds of impressive works.

Cathy is president of the Lakeland Miniature Guild where she teaches classes and hosts the annual Miniatures Show in June.

In this month’s display, Cathy shares her Alice in Wonderland miniatures, made out of wood, foam core, and various scrapbooking paper. She also utilizes polymer clay to make smaller details, such as miniature food.

Aside from miniatures, Cathy enjoys spending time at the beach and cuddling her St. Bernard, Samson, who is probably the muse of most of her work!

miniature 2 miniature 1











If you would like to apply to have your art featured in the John Brock Art Alcove, please email