Director’s Report

 “Best of the Bay”!

November 2018

Your Palm Harbor Library was recently the recipient of a “Best of the Bay” award from Creative Loafing! Part of the citation stated: BEST ATTEMPT TO BRING CULTURE TO PALM HARBOR

Palm Harbor Library has been trying to fill the void in Palm Harbor’s cultural scene for years. If you’re looking for art, literature, language classes, museum passes, or a print copy of Creative Loafing in Palm Harbor, then you should head to the Palm Harbor Library. While you’re there, wish them a happy birthday. Palm Harbor Library turned 40 this year

Yes, we were honored for receiving this recognition however it was a bit embarrassing when I was the only person mentioned. As with any successful organization, it takes many good people to achieve a goal which in this case is to promote the arts for all ages. We’re just doing our share to supplement what is already being done by the premiere art museum in north county, the “Leepa-Rattner Museum of Art”.

So who are these other “good people” in the library and what cultural activities are they bringing to the residents of Palm Harbor?

Marisa Steuer, Head of Youth Services has served as the library’s “Art Liaison” with Leepa-Rattner and the art community resulting in the annual juried art exhibits in the library’s “John Brock Art Alcove”. Also, she and along with her staff provide:
   -The “Hazel Incantalupo Children’s MakerSpace”
   -A Musical Instrument Collection
   -“Leap Into Art” storytime at Leepa-Rattner
   -STEAM Kits including some which are art themed

Elisabeth Roen, Assistant Director, along with Marisa and two other librarians, Maryjane Hyatt and Samma Fagan offer an off-site book club, “Ales and Tales” at Stilt House Brewery. Elisabeth and Marisa also serve on the annual library art themed fundraising event, “An artPHL Evening”. It is comprised of 12 local artists exhibiting and demonstrating their work. The next one is scheduled for Friday January 25th, 7-9 pm.

Then we have Marisa and another staff member Dixie who converted old wooden library tables into functional art through their reimagined paintings; breathtaking and whimsical! And of course my own assistant Cathy Koutsoumbaris continues to contribute to our cultural endeavors through her masterful miniature art exhibits. She will be one of the featured artists at “artPHL Evening”.

We as a library are proud to have won this award. It tells us we are doing something right. I have always believed that as important as math and the sciences are, it is art that truly makes us well rounded citizens.

Come celebrate 40 years of culture at your Palm Harbor Library!

Gene P. Coppola, Library Director

Author: PHLIBAdministrator

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