Director’s Report

September 2018

“New Leaders at Palm Harbor Library”

As with any organization, there will be a period of time of staff stability and then when you least expect it, there is a series of staffing disruptions. It’s the cycle of life in my part of the world. One day you are going along and everything is just swell and the next thing you know you’ve got two long-term employees retiring, one who has a better opportunity elsewhere and two part-timers who have found full-time work in other libraries. It happens. So what do you do? You can go into panic mode (which I had the displeasure of experiencing many years ago) or see it as I do today…as opportunities.

One type of opportunity is to force you to take a closer look at your staffing structure. Do we need to fill the position? Should it be expanded? Decreased? Changed? Or should we create something new more in-line with the services provided?

Fortunately we did not have to go too far to fill two of our most crucial vacancies. Our current Head of Adult Services, Ms. Elisabeth Roen will now also be the library’s new Assistant Director. Our former Children’s Librarian, Ms. Marisa Steuer will now serve as Head of Youth Services. Let me introduce you them…   

Elisabeth Roen came to the Palm Harbor Library in October 2011, having recently begun work on her Master of Library and Information Sciences degree through Florida State University. She learned the ropes of public libraries at the front desk for several years. While she was working on her degree, Elisabeth also served as the President of the Friends of the Palm Harbor Library. Elisabeth was promoted to Head of Adult Services in 2016. In that role, Elisabeth is responsible for overseeing all programing and materials for our adult library members.

As much as she loves selecting interesting materials for the library’s collection and planning events for members, Elisabeth’s passion for customer service has always been at the heart of her love of library work. As a reference librarian, she thrives on the challenge of finding the exact piece of information a person needs or a book they will grow to love. When she is not at the library, Elisabeth loves to bake bread, read (obviously), and visit museums all over the area.

Marisa Steuer, who was originally born in Cincinnati, moved to Florida with her family at age nine.  In 2010 she received her Bachelor of Fine Arts degree from the University of South Florida with a specialization in painting and drawing.  She then moved on to earn her Masters of Library and Information Science degree from USF; in 2013 she graduated summa cum laude.

During her Masters she worked in the Hernando County Public Library System, before taking a Youth Services Librarian job at Palm Harbor Library upon graduation.  Ms. Steuer continues to greatly enjoy using her artistic skills and love of literature to improve library services for the children of Palm Harbor.

As you can see the library is very fortunate to have such professionals and I know the community will benefit from their expertise. In addition, they are two of the finest people you will ever meet.

Life happens. 

Happy Reading!

Gene P. Coppola, Library Director

Author: PHLIBAdministrator

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