Check Out the Functional Art Throughout the Library

Functional Art

In order to encourage a focus on the Arts, the library has a program where local artists are invited to “adopt” a table and paint it. The result: Functional Art for the community and exposure for our artists!

Come into the library and check out all the painted tables in the Adult and Children’s areas.

Interested artists are encouraged to visit the Children’s Room for an application. Supplies will be provided for artists and tables will be protected under glass.

Art Nouveau Birds Table





Dixie Searfoss: Art Nouveau Birds





libropoly table



Marisa Steuer: Libropoly




hawk tablehawk table


Noelle Stillman: Acrylic Transfer Hawk




Karen Bacher: Cosmic Drip




alice table



Malyssa Ollar: Alice in Wonderland



hand print table


Palm Harbor Children: Handprints





into sky table


Cynthia Diaz: Into Sky/Under Water




turtle table



Julianne DiBlasi Black: Sea Turtle






Woodworking table


Joshua Knipp & Greg Shrimp: Woodworking


Author: JoAnn Jacobson

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