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The Jane Martin Women’s History Month Celebration 2023

In our beautiful Palm Harbor community, we would like to honor the incredible women that continue to make it better everyday. In March of 2023, at the Palm Harbor Library we will be holding a ceremony selecting four of the nominated women. March is Women’s History Month. View the attached nomination form below for further details. Nominations are due by January 6th, 2023.

Click here for the nomination form.

Who is Jane Martin?

Jane was a long-time volunteer at Palm Harbor Library who gave so much of herself so that her community would be a
better place to live. She served on the library’s Advisory Council, the Palm Harbor Friends of the Library, library
fundraising committees and general all-around volunteer. She also financially supported the library; however, her
greatest contribution was her kindness. She was truly a remarkable woman who embodied the spirit of “giving-back”
without asking anything in return. Jane passed in 2019. Her legacy of compassion and gentleness is reflected in this


Janice Banther
Connie Davis
Winona Jones
Jeannette Malouf
Jessica Collier
Sharon Lamm
Kristy Patterson
Irene Rausch
Kristine Gilmore
Pegoty Lopez
Kristy Patterson
Lara Shane
Lois Eannel
Susan Latvala
Irene Rausch
Susan Terry
Dana Brandon
Lesley Klein
Sharon Pikulinski
Susan Senger
Irene Finger
Mona Johnson
Dawn LaCross
Sallie Parks
Anne Marie Hutton
Amy Kaczynski
Erica Lynford
Peggy O’Shea