PPLC App Update


Below is information on the recent issues with PPLC’s mobile app. This information is from the PPLC website: https://pplc.us/mobile-app/

When will the app be back up?
We are anticipating an early 2024 release date based on the development schedule from our third-party developer.

Beta testing will be taking place in December 2023, with a pilot for select libraries across the country taking place in January 2024.

What other apps can I use to display my library card?
The ease of having your digital library card available was a huge benefit of the mobile app and something that our patrons miss currently. For those that are still logged into the app, your current barcode is still saved. You may continue to use it at checkout or whenever you need to scan it.

For those that are not signed in or who do not have the app, you can download a keychain app to present your library card digitally.

Many library patrons use https://keyringapp.com/ to scan and store their barcode for digital use. You can find Key Ring App on the Google Play and Apple App Stores.