Advisory Council and Endowment Foundation Board

Advisory Council

The Executive Board of the Palm Harbor Friends of the Library, Inc. appoints from the active membership of Palm Harbor Friends of the Library, Inc., seven persons to serve a term of two years on the Palm Harbor Library Advisory Council, commencing their term of office on the first day of January. Appointments are on an alternative basis; appointing two in one year, and three the following year. They can be reappointed for a second term. They can be reappointed for additional two-year terms subject to approval each time by the Board of Directors.

Chairperson – Sharon Pikulinski
Member – Jane Ashton
Member – Kathleen Hanley
Member – Peggy Ringl
Member – Cecile Creely
Member – Jim Watt
Member – Arlene Zimmermann

Endowment Foundation

The Palm Harbor Library Endowment Foundation, incorporated in 1999, greatly enhances the effectiveness of the Palm Harbor Library. The funds raised by the Foundation are used to supplement the Library’s tax-based services to all citizens.

The Palm Harbor Library seeks to inform, enrich, and empower every individual in the community. The Library serves the educational, recreational and informational needs of people of all ages, economic and cultural backgrounds. This vital resource depends, in part, on your generosity to help the Library meet the needs of your Palm Harbor community.

President – Marcus Harrison

Vice-President – Kevin Schachter

Director – Kim Elleanor

Director – Irene Finger

Director – Pat Goldschmidt

Director – Jane Martin

Director – Mark Simpson

Director – Beth Wilson

Ex Officio – Gene Coppola