John Brock Art Alcove

John Brock Art Alcove

January & February 2023

The January and February artist in the John Brock Art Alcove is photographer Jaimee Ponce from Palm Harbor. She has been passionate about photography since 1998. At age 14 she began experimenting in the dark room with photos of family and friends, learning all of the technical and manual aspects of the camera. She had her first paying position as a wedding photojournalist by 18 and opened her own photography business at 21. Jaimee’s journey as a wedding and family photojournalist, travel photographer, and documentary photographer has been one of the main vessels of passion, joy, and love in her life. Creating photographs has allowed her travel opportunities throughout Italy, London, Austria, Hawaii, Napa Valley, Seattle, the San Juan Islands, the Florida Keys, and many other beautiful local and far-reaching destinations.

Jaimee’s evolution in photography has led her to be recognized in Grace Ormonde Wedding Magazine and Marry Me Tampa Bay. She also won a photography award for The Knot Magazine. Her passion for working with nonprofits, such as libraries and community centers, allows her to help to raise awareness of the resources and support available to the community. She works for The Gold Hope Project, which allows families dealing with cancer an opportunity to have photography sessions at no charge to document memories with their children. She also serves The Heart Gallery of Tampa Bay, helping children to be adopted permanently from Foster Care.

Her current Library display is entitled “Childhood,” and strives to represent the authentic soul of children and childhood. Many photos come from the large body of work she collects while doing family portraits. She primarily uses a Nikon D3 body and a 70-200 lens or a 28-70-portrait lens. The photos are then branded with a specific style, hue adjustment, and post processing look to fit into a warm color palette and/or dramatic black and white finalized image. The purpose of the post processing combined with the mood and feeling of the image is meant to invite the viewer in and provoke curiosity. Her vision is to convey a universal connection in her images that can be felt by people of all statuses, genders, nationalities, and races. She would like her images to break down the external barriers we all hide behind, wake up to the beauty all around us and feel something that makes us connect. Furthermore, her hope is that people feel inspired that they can accomplish something that inspires them. Jaimee believes, “It doesn’t matter where you are, there is always a way to express yourself and connect. We as human beings need to see each person, each child has beauty and depth to them.”

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