John Brock Art Alcove

John Brock Art Alcove

May – June 2022

May and June’s featured artist in the John Brock Art Alcove is Patricia Kluwe Derderian, a painter from Clearwater. Patricia paints with a combination of expressiveness and confident brushstrokes. Her paintings are marked by the efficient linework and vibrant energy of fashion drawing and a bright color palette that is all her own. Through her paintings, she captures both public and intimate spaces and the ways we gather and share these places.

Patricia developed a love for drawing while still a young child in Brazil before majoring in architecture. Now a painter based in Pinellas county, her paintings and prints can be found in collections around the country. For more information or to reach out to her, please visit her website at

patricia art  #1: “Moulin Rouge IV” Acrylic, 36”x48”, 2020






#2: “Tampa” Acrylic, 30”x40”, 2019patricia art






patricia art

#3: “Manhattan Bridge” Acrylic, 36”x48”, 2019







Our featured artist in the Yoffredo Center is George Small, a photographer from Tampa. George’s primary focus in photography is with butterflies and nature. He has an extensive collection of butterfly photographs from travels in the States, Europe, South America, and the Caribbean. Along with each photograph George provides interesting facts about the type of butterfly shown.

George has had a passion for photography since his teens growing up in Baltimore, Maryland. He worked as a professional Traffic Engineer, documenting traffic events as well as special events throughout Western Maryland. His varied interests in photography include landscapes, animals, weddings, insects, flowers, butterflies, moths, birds, and sometimes unusual creations that catch his eye. He uses both film and digital (at the insistence of his sons).

Vacations have provided him a great opportunity to capture butterflies and birds primarily in Florida and abroad but also in Western Maryland. According to George, “Taking butterfly photos takes great patience, a good eye and a fast finger as well as keen anticipation. I often pass up a shot just to get the right background and follow a single butterfly as it moves from plant to plant.”

For more information, visit

#1: “White Morpho” Photograph, 16″ x 20″, 2011 butterfly art







butterfly art

#2: “Queen Alexandra” Photo on canvas, 16″ x 20″, 2008






butterfly art

#3: “Red Spotted Purple” Photo on canvas, 16″ x 20″, 2017






If you would like to apply to have your art featured in the John Brock Art Alcove, please email