Youth Advisory Board (YAB)

Youth Advisory Board (YAB)

youth advisory board

What exactly does the YAB group do?

The YAB group has a one-hour meeting each week. During this meeting, we discuss a variety of library issues, from book orders to organizing the teen room to planning events like our annual haunted house. Aside from this meeting, YAB volunteers help with planning and running programs. They also offer suggestions on items the library needs for their peers. They may also work on other projects – one of our members runs a virtual book club, and another two organize video gaming programs for the library. There are hundreds more possibilities!

What do I get from YAB?

On paper, you get an opportunity for a pool of volunteer hours that can count toward programs like Bright Futures. We’re also an excellent place to get a foot in the door if you’re considering a possible career in the library.

There is also an array of skills learned, from acting to managing to people skills. The meetings are also loud and a lot of fun, or so we hear from the teens.

What does YAB expect of me?

We ask that you attend as many of the meetings as possible. Meetings are Thursday from 5:00 – 6:00 PM. While not all programs are mandatory, there are several throughout the year, such as our Harry Potter Birthday Bash and our fundraising Haunted House, that require either time volunteering at the event or time volunteered to create props for the events.

How do I join YAB?

Easy! You show up! Come to any meeting. Since YAB is hybrid, prospective YAB members will be attending online until they decide to join. Please email the Volunteer Coordinator at for the virtual link.

In the online meeting, you’ll get a chance to see what we’re about and how our meetings run. If it’s up your alley, awesome! We’ll give you a short form to fill out at your second meeting. If it’s not your thing, no worries! Thanks for giving us a shot.

If you have any questions, you can contact Mx. Fagan at You can always call the library at 727-784-3332 for more information as well.