Palm Harbor Library Artist Display Application

Palm Harbor Artist Display Application


Palm Harbor Library is looking for artists from the Tampa Bay area interested in exhibiting two- or three-dimensional artwork in the library’s John Brock Art Alcove. Artists selected will exhibit their work two consecutive months. There are no set criteria for artwork, though the pieces should be crafted or framed to a professional standard and have strong public appeal, as they will be visible to the families who walk through. Artists should provide examples of work that illustrate their current portfolio. The John Brock Art Alcove exhibit space is 18′ in length, 8′ high with a 6′ protruding wall on the right side. Hanging rails allow for 15′ 8” in length with 4′ along the protruding wall. Four covered display pedestals are available with a display space of 24 cubic inches each.

We offer an exhibition space in our Yofreddo Center/Bookstore as well.

The Exhibition Selection Committee will have final say in what is displayed and will schedule shows. Artists may provide their own insurance. Artworks may be priced and sold; the library receives no portion of any profits.

To apply you will need to fill out this form


If you have any questions, please contact Ms. Marisa Steuer, Art Liaison