Teen Programs

Teen Events for Ages 13 – 18

Beyond The Dragons – A Tabletop RPG Club

This club is held once a month on Saturdays from 12:30 – 4:30 PM in our Mark Mazurek Gaming Area. Each week, explore a new game.  See instructions and further information here.

Registration is required and due at least 8 days prior to the session. Please check our calendar for the next get-together. Events Calendar

Ages 13 and up welcome!

Whether you’ve been dungeon crawling before or you’ve never faced a dragon, our new Tabletop RPG Club is here to introduce you to fun games, new games, and thought-provoking games. Each month we will be testing out a new system with a one-shot. You’ll receive rules and character information a week before each event and play an entire story out!

Registration and email is required as we’ll be coordinating all information ahead of time via email.