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Bookstore / Yoffredo Activity Center

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Our November and December featured artists in the Yofreddo Center gallery is Peter Cannon and Mx. Swann. 

Peter Cannon Biography

Untitled # 7
Red PhotographPeter Cannon often has a camera within reach. Beginning when he was eight years old, Cannon traveled the East Coast of the United States and Europe, documenting what he saw with his second-hand 35mm SLR. Cannon started taking pictures using film, learning to develop at the age of 10, eventually absorbing enough information to engage the laborious art of printing the occasional image. Like many photographers, Cannon transitioned to digital photography for the promised workflow ease, but found it unsatisfying. Today, Cannon shoots almost entirely with film and collects vintage cameras and lenses to experiment. He is currently a librarian with a PhD in Rhetoric, a discipline he draws on often when composing his images.

Cannon has been recently featured in the UK publication Black + White Photography as well as Shutterbug Magazine, and The Weekly World Planet, with showings at the Contemporary Arts Center in New Orleans, the EPI Gallery in Washington, D.C., and the Florida Museum of Photographic Arts.


Mx. Swann Biography

Sunflower Mask What Mx. Swann work lacks in size it more than makes up for in detail. By utilizing different types of mediums and an eye for engineering, as well as a steady hand with a brush, they bring scenic views and nerdy quirkiness to the faces of their work. From masks to tea pots, and all sorts of odds and ends in between, this artist’s work has found a use wherever it resides, be that on the wall as an interesting talking piece or even on the battlefield; much of Mx. Swann’s work features in both theater shows and in LARPs. “Everything in the world is art depending on how you look at it, but good art is the kind that makes you stand back and wonder… now how the heck did they even manage that?!” – Mx. Swann

Resume: Been professionally painting since 2012, but is skilled in several different medias and engineering. Has been in several small shows, such as in a few exhibits at ST. Petersburg College Clearwater Campus, and in the Palm Harbor Libraries Art Alcove.