Bookstore / Yoffredo Activity Center Art Display

Bookstore / Yoffredo Activity Center


February’s featured artist in the Yoffredo Activity Center is Amanda Tempesta!

Cow in Sunlight
Cow in Sunlight Amanda, an aspiring artist and one of the wonderful members of the Palm Harbor Library Volunteer staff, once said, “It’s important to know when to step back from your work. If you overwork it, the colors are more likely to become muddied from forcing it to completion.” Her preferred subjects are plants, pets, and places. For portraits, she only paints pets and landscapes. She will often use regular paint brushes but she will also sometimes use thicker applications of paint with a palette knife as seen in ‘Cow in Sunlight’. Other times she likes more simplistic contour designs as seen in ‘Tennis Dogs’.  She hopes to attend the Royal College of London for their art program, and proceeds go towards saving up for that venture.

Tennis Dogs