Madeline Oliveri Writing Program

In February 2021, we kick off the Madeline Oliveri Writing Program, a new initiative that supports fledgling writers in our community. If you are interested in finding out more about this program make sure to sign up for our Writers List.

This Writing Program is supported by the late Madeline Oliveri’s family, and we are excited to help local writers create memories, fiction novels, short stories, and get them published in local indie author collections.

To complement this new initiative, we have partnered with Biblioboard, a platform that lets writers create their book, make it print and ebook ready, and include it in local library collections.

Cardholders can also enjoy Biblioboard by checking out local authors. With no holds or check out limits, Biblioboard allows you to discover new authors, great new curations, and more.

To start using Biblioboard now click HERE.



Author: JoAnn Jacobson

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