John Brock Art Alcove

May – June 2018
Lisa Fitch


May and June’s artist is Lisa Fitch, a photographer from New Port Richey. Her deep emotional connection to the natural world developed over a lifetime of wandering sprawling woods and waterfronts where she learned to appreciate the preciousness of all life and to embrace the peaceful interludes of quiet contemplation. For Lisa the natural world is a place for personal solace: a place to reflect upon, and reconcile her memories of a life buffeted by family illness, loss, and the chaotic environment of today’s world. She is dedicated to capturing the small, usually unseen, nuances of nature. Her art attempts to gift the viewer with moments of tranquility and connectedness.

Through her photographs, Lisa seeks to suggest, a feeling of hope and peace; nature’s sublime forms, colors, and chaotic power shape the ever-changing landscape. She is able to examine these organic forms from many angles as souvenirs of memory, creating images that objectify and transmit the emotions evoked by the natural world.

She believes that within nature and ourselves we discover interconnectedness: A union with a continuous reminder of our relationship to the whole, an emotional existence and experience of the sacred foundation of all things created. Her subtle, intimate, haunting images give visual form to an ongoing search for balance and perspective between a dark past and the living present. Through photography, Lisa seeks to transform her ongoing inner disquiet into something both resonant and beautiful, a cathartic journey of reconciliation between the ephemeral angst of life and the enduring truthfulness of the natural world.

To learn more about Lisa and her art or to contact her, please visit

Image 4: Butterfly Orchid, Four Lakes Hammock, Brooker Creek Preserve, Study 11, Tarpon Springs, Florida 2017

Image 6: Floating Meadows, Lake Louisa State Park, Study 5, Clermont, Florida 2016

Image 7: Timeless, Marjorie Kinnan Rawlings Historic State Park, Study 8, Cross Creek, Florida 2017

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