John Brock Art Alcove

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September – October 2017
Vanessa Montenegro
Color, Light, and Motion

Our featured artist in the John Brock Art Alcove for September and October is Vanessa Montenegro, a Tampa-based artist working primarily in soft pastels. Her latest collection of vibrant drawings is called “Color, Light, and Motion.” She is passionate about capturing the artistic movement and vibrant colors in a late-afternoon Florida sky bursting with ever changing shapes, life, and emotions. Inspired by Florida’s beauty, animals, nature, people and sports, she feels that the titles of her works are as important as the pieces themselves since they tell part of the story. The soft pastels she uses allow her to work quickly with bold strokes, moving lines, and color layering. She also considers the color of the paper as this outlines the drawings and creates a resting area for the viewer’s eye.

Montenegro’s philosophy as an artist has always been to have fun while doing art; she hopes to spread her passion and enthusiasm for art to others. Having studied fine arts at Miami Dade Community College, The New World School of the Arts, and Florida International University, she specialized in energetic drawings, the human form, and realistic paintings. Although she has always worked in a variety of media and produced paintings and drawings of different scales, soft pastels are her preferred choice. Since moving to Tampa more than a decade ago, she has become involved in the art community. She is one of the two founders of the Westchase Artists Society, served for three years on the Art Advisory Committee of Hillsborough County, and is a member of the Coalition of Hispanic Artists and the Miniature Art Society of Florida. Currently, she is focused on her work as a full-time artist, the creative process, working on commissions, and teaching at her studio.



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