Bookstore Art Display

Bookstore / Yoffredo Activity Center Featured Art Work

October & November 2022

Our featured artist for October and November in the Yoffredo Center Art Gallery is Abby Knauff from Palm Harbor. Knauff graduated High School in 2021 and is currently attending St. Petersburg College where she is studying Art. She has loved drawing since she was young but started taking art seriously in high school when she began taking art classes in school. She also began taking classes from internationally acclaimed artist Paul Foropoulos at Foropoulos Studios of Fine Arts. Her art has received many awards from Scholastic Art and Writing Awards as well as local museums. She is working on developing her colorful and contemporary style under the guidance of Paul. She was born and raised in Florida and aspires to be an art teacher in the future.

“Cherry Pie” Ceramic

knauff art

“Missing You” Oil on Canvas

knauff art

“Teenagers” Oil on Canvas“

knauff art







Artist Statement

“When I was younger I used to love flipping through my mom’s magazines. The content was insignificant, I was only concerned with cutting out the patterns of dresses I found appealing. A large stack of outdated Vogue fashion magazines sitting in the used Library bookstore might be worthless to most, but to me it is a jackpot. I hungrily search the pages, tearing out whatever catches my eye, combining, assembling, and composing ideas.

“The people in my paintings are not supposed to be any specific person, instead they are a combination of many people: magazine models, family, friends, and strangers. I love color and focus on using a variety of colors while finding balance and visual harmonies. The crazy colors and jagged contour lines that compose my subjects reflect my different moods and emotions which change quickly and drastically. I am often overtaken by my deep love for human beings. The intricacies in relationships between people that parallel the intricacies in the human face. The subtle curves and the organic shapes that distinguish us from each other. I find it fascinating to observe people’s interactions. There are arguments and disagreements and negativity and clashing personalities but there are also harmonies. Different parts that come together to create something beautiful.”

To see more of Knauff’s paintings and sculpture or to contact her, please check out her Instagram: @abbyknauffart