Bookstore / Yoffredo Activity Center Art Display

Bookstore / Yoffredo Activity Center

Featured Art Work

February/March 2023

Our featured artist in the Yoffredo Center for February and March is Shanta Horlander, a painter from Clearwater who specializes in acrylic paintings using watercolor techniques. Shanta’s education in art started when she attended University in Florence, Italy and studied Art History.  She was able to see many classic pieces in-person. It was a very formative experience for her. While in Europe, she also discovered a Modern Art Museum in Munich (no longer there apparently as it can’t be found online), which completely changed her life; she fell in love with that abstract, modern aesthetic. This ignited her creativity, and she started a self-study of art techniques starting with watercolor.

She worked with this as her only medium for many years and began showing in galleries and art shows and selling pieces. While she enjoyed this, it felt like a limited expression of what she really wanted to create and communicate: she wanted to paint bold, abstract paintings that hint of a universe beyond the day-to-day realities we are constantly confronted with.   So, more recently, she began to work with acrylics and creating abstract paintings where she finally is expressing how and what she envisioned. She has become an intuitive painter letting the painting reveal itself rather than having an exact idea or picture in her mind and trying to replicate it. It is more of a spiritual process wherein she communicates with the art and the spiritual world and does her best to work with what it wants to reveal.  

“I am an intuitive, abstract artist and my specialty is COLOR!!  My art is intended to always bring joy and happiness through aesthetics.  Life on this planet and in our current society can be a challenge.  My art is meant to bring people back to the awareness of him or herself as a Spiritual Being first and foremost and that there are other universes that we can be aware of.  This to me is the way out for the Human Race – higher awareness of other worlds and our own Spiritual Nature. And in that, Mankind is always good and kind and happy and thus art can change the world.”

   “Modern Seascape”

Modern Seascape Painting

          “Tea Roses”

Tea Roses Painting

          “Raining Flowers”  

Raining Flowers Painting








For more information or to contact her, visit Shanta online at